We are proud to have shared corporate yoga in Portland with many great companies such as:  

eBay, the Portland TrailBlazers staff, Kaiser Permanente, Guide Dogs for the Blind, Clackamas County (Sheriff's Office, health clinics, Soil and Water, Department of Corrections, etc), iQ Credit Union, the Portland Opera, Advantis Credit Union, Harsch Investments, Cloudability, CareOregon, Avangrid Renewables, Fortis Construction, Oregon Public Broadcasting, gDiapers, FiServ, Genentech, Pacific Source, Health Net, Clincient, Coast Real Estate, Oregon Anesthesiology Group, Qualcomm, Micropower Electronics, Virgina Garcia Medical Center and Halton Power. 

"Our experience with "Working with Yoga" has been wonderful. The instructors are professional in their delivery, consistent, knowledgeable, and individualize the practice to the varying levels of students experienced in a corporate setting. We each left the room a little more relaxed, balanced, and ready to be productive. Thank you Alison and Colleen!" 
Camille C., Health Net of Oregon

"As a student of Yoga, I appreciated how the Working with Yoga instructors are able to have a class experience work for those of us with yoga knowledge and those without. The instructors are always on time and always  accommodating to the company schedule of office closures. The teachers are professional and will offer hands on assistance, but only if the student is comfortable with it. There is never any pressure for a student to move outside of their comfort zone and attention is always paid to moving through the poses in a safe manner. The instructors engage the class to focus on what they want to work with for that day, such as hip pain, neck strain, and other common ailments of the office worker. We have had long-term experience with two of the Working with Yoga instructors and while both experiences have been unique, each has been equally gratifying and positive. I have enjoyed our Working with Yoga experience and look forward to future sessions."

Alicia B, Health Net of Oregon

"The yoga classes are the high point of my work week. I even came for a class during vacation. I look forward to the yoga class every week. The classes end with a relaxation pose and I come out of the class renewed and relaxed for the rest of the day. Alison is a patient and caring instructor. Her classes are filled with words of encouragement and gentle guidance for each student to improve the posture of the yoga poses. She finds something positive in each student, including the ones that can’t touch their toes like myself."
Luis K., Intel

“Alison truly has a gift for teaching yoga…She helped renew my love for the practice of yoga, as she understands how to bring her students focus to the poses, helping everything else fall away. I’ve looked forward to coming to work on Tuesdays, because I know I get to take her class at lunch time.”
Jennifer B., Banfield Headquarters

"Alison is a gifted and dedicated yoga instructor. She cares for her students and establishes a nurturing environment during the class. She always asks the students before each class about 'problem areas' and addresses them during the class pointing out what each exercise's goal is. I love the way the breaks down each exercise: She not only shows us the exercise but has a way of describing verbally each movement so that I sometimes can follow her with my eyes closed.”
Petra L., Intel

"In the stressful workplace of Intel, it is most helpful to find stress reduction and good health through yoga practice. Thank you Alison for bringing your yoga light into our workplace."
Paul S., Intel

“I work from home a lot, but have built my commute schedule to be at the office on yoga days. It’s one of the best hours of my day. I always feel better – mentally and physically – after an hour in Alison’s class. My other primary fitness activity is running and I feel like Alison’s yoga classes are helping both my flexibility and my core strength and those both help to keep me injury free in my running”
David K., Intel

Office yoga at Harsch Investments

Office yoga at Harsch Investments