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Franklin Method in Portland

Relax and Release your Neck and Shoulders

Bhakti Yoga and Movement Center

Three-part series Sundays: September 29, Oct 6 and Oct 13   from 3-5pm $75

In this three-part series we will embody the many layers of the neck/shoulders in daily life and in movement. If you experience neck or shoulder tension, headaches, or other painful upper body issues, or if you are a lover of learning and moving or a teacher wanting more understanding of this part of anatomy to share with your students, this class is for you! You will come away with usable, doable practices based on Franklin Method techniques to continue feeling great in your upper body. All levels welcome.

No one turned away for lack of funds.


Happy Feet

NE Community Center

Saturday, November 16th  2-4pm  $30/$40 non-members

Come explore the dynamic base of your body, as we work with imagery, self-touch and band/ball exercises to feel the health and vitality that's possible in the feet. We will embody the anatomy of the foot, focusing especially on the bone rhythms that allow you to experience the balance between the broad base and the springiness of the foot. We will also cover how this relates to some classical yoga poses as well as everyday movements, like walking! All levels welcome, especially if you are experiencing issues or pain in your feet. 


Breathing for Life

Bhakti Yoga Movement Center

Sunday, December 1st   3-6pm $40

Breathing brings about improved digestion, cardiovascular health, freer posture/movement and a calmer mind (just to name a few things)...but what is good breathing? In this workshop, we will discover some possible  answers, using imagery and tools from the Franklin Method to experience the mechanics of the diaphragm, ribs, lungs, heart, spine and back/abdominal muscles. With simple, repeatable exercises, we will explore freeing the breath - expect to learn a lot, but also expect to leave relaxed, refreshed and ready to improve the thing you do 20,000 times a day. All levels and bodies welcome! No one turned away for lack of funds.


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Ongoing classes

Movement Exploratorium

    with the Franklin Method

Mondays: 11:15-12:15 

(starting September 9th) 

held at the Bhakti Yoga Movement Center