Specializing in on-site, corporate yoga in Portland. 

We offer: 

  • Skilled, insured teachers
  • Recurring, weekly classes
  • One-time classes for your health fairs/wellness fairs
  • In-office workshop: Office Yoga for Desk Warriors


Having yoga in the office improves focus, releases stress and tension, reduces sick-time, enhances employee fulfillment/team building.  Your team will be more relaxed, refreshed and focused after doing yoga at work. Our clients consistently notice more productivity, less sick-time and better morale from the employees who participate in yoga at the office. 

Just as every company we visit is different, we know that every body is different. Our instructors strive to respect the individual needs of each participant. Yoga can be gentle enough for those brand new to Yoga or for those with injuries, challenging enough for those who have practiced yoga for years and can also be modified for all levels, including pregnancy.

Our classes always include breath-work along with yoga poses that build strength, flexibility and balance, while relieving tension in common areas like the hips/lower back, shoulders and neck. Each class ends with a final relaxation, which leaves you feeling refreshed and focused. 


Our flat-rate, affordable prices allow any office, large or small, to benefit from having yoga at work. 

Each company we work with is a little different. We have flexible invoicing options and can help you determine the ideal payment system for your office. 

To bring yoga to your office, contact us for a price quote or for a free 15 minute trial class!