Alison Wesley

Alison Wesley, yoga teacher, Working with Yoga, office yoga in Portland, Franklin Method Educator

Owner of Working with Yoga, E-500RYT, Certified Yoga Therapist and Franklin Method Educator

I love sharing Yoga with others. I love learning about why we are the way we are and I am forever fascinated by movement of every kind.

I actually began practicing Yoga seriously while working in an office many years ago...I was so grateful to have Yoga at work and in 2007 I received my first 200-hour training from Prananda Yoga and soon after, started my company, Working with Yoga, offering on-site Yoga to corporate offices in Portland. 

Since then, I've continued with a Yoga Therapy Certification and two 500-hour programs (Ananda Seva and the Bhaktishop), along with multiple trainings with Doug Keller and Olga Kabel. 

In 2013, after three herniated discs, I happened to turn to a page in Eric Franklin's book "Dynamic Alignment" and it changed my life, sending me to enroll in the Franklin Method training where I studied the bone rhythms of the body using imagery and movement. I now can't help but incorporate Franklin Method into my ongoing Yoga classes and private Yoga therapy sessions as well. Whether it is learning anatomy or studying the Yoga Sutras, I'm interested in all that teaches us to dig uncover and understand our patterns, both physical and mental. Only once we see how we've been functioning can we make a change. I strive to offer thoughtful, supportive, light-hearted classes with enough space for students to turn inward and learn more about themselves. 

Lauren Insalata


Movement should feel good. For my, yoga is an extension of the most basic joy of moving my body. Yoga has helped me build a better relationship with my body and my breath. When I feel stressed, I can practice a breathing technique or move through a sequence and come back into the present moment. Yoga doesn't have to be complicated and you certainly don't need to be flexible. It can be as simple as noticing, right now, that you are breathing. I teach students to notice what a pose feels like from the inside, rather than worrying about what a pose looks like from the outside. To create a well-rounded practice, I incorporate non-yoga movements of strength training, natural movement, and The Franklin Method into my classes. I graduated from Yoga Teacher Training at The Bhaktishop in Portland, OR in 2016 and am enrolled in their 300-hour continuing education program.  

Stephanie Oxford



Stephanie has always been interested in movement, meditation, creative expression, and exploring the ways in which we can grow and evolve as humans. This exploration began with spiritual seeking, theatre, art, festivals, and dance when she was younger, and eventually came to include yoga as a primary and integral tool.

Yoga has been fundamental to getting her through personal struggles with depression and anxiety, as well as helping her to combat autoimmune issues and arthritis. She finds a sense of purpose and satisfaction in helping people find tools to reduce their own suffering and rekindle their sense of wonder, and hopes to make gentle waves of change in the world through sharing her practice with others.

Stephanie received her 200 hour certification from Karma Yoga in Clackamas, and is currently working toward completing a 300 hour certification from the same studio. She will be entering a yoga therapy program on completion of her 300 hour as well. Her classes focus on alignment, breath, and helping students find autonomy in their practice.

Bece Kidder


Bece Mariah Kidder was born and raised in Ellensburg, Washington, although she has been living in Portland for nearly 20 years now and considers it her home. She has been a dedicated yoga practitioner for six years now. She has a background in Tai Chi and has been practicing various martial arts for the past 10 years and likes to incorporate the practice of body energy awareness into her yoga practice. She has a dedicated yoga practice. Along with her terrestrial yoga practice, she discovered aerial yoga a few years ago and fell in love with it.
Bece has 200 hours of yoga teacher training, 65 hours of aerial yoga training, and is beginning the process of getting another 300 hours of yoga teacher training, which will include 60 more hours of aerial yoga training!
Her classes encourage exploration, playfulness and laughter in a safe environment while adding muscle toning and gentle stretching for full body awareness and workout. 

Erin Nova


Erin Nova is from from Lafayette, Louisiana, and lives and works in Northeast Portland and beyond. Erin is a yoga instructor, personal trainer, and specialist in women’s fitness, balance, and flexibility. Coming from a track running background, she turned to yoga in college when she broke her leg running. She loves teaching and training in groups or one-on-one, focusing on how breathing deeply and well can change the way you feel and live. Erin believes that if you can breathe and move, you can do yoga! 

Marianne Tanner


Marianne’s relationship with yoga began with her first class in 2000, and like every good relationship, it has grown stronger and more committed with time. She completed her teacher training at Red Door Yoga in Orlando, Florida in 2004, and has been teaching ever since. Upon moving to Portland in 2005, her practice and teaching have continued to evolve and deepen. Marianne is grateful to be a part of such a rich yoga community, and in particular for her study with Lisa Mae Osborn. In 2010, Marianne left full-time work as a librarian so that she could spend more time teaching and learning. She is continually challenged, humbled, and inspired by these practices, and in turn loves sharing yoga and mindfulness practices with others.
Marianne is most interested in how the practices of yoga allow us to be more fully human and embodied, more connected to ourselves, and more spacious and whole. Her classes combine a clear, steady and sweet combination of feeling, breath, alignment and mindfulness."