Private Sessions with Alison

I believe each of us is unique in our individual makeup which is why there is no ONE way to practice Yoga. There is no need to “fix” anyone or anything, but instead, to restore balance to that original state of being, that unique constitution with which we enter the world.

From my Franklin Method training, I strive to educate those I work with about the way the body works when it's at its most functional. Using imagery to cultivate understanding and freedom of movement, the Yoga practice I design for each person also includes work with the movement we do most often (such as sitting, walking, getting in/out of cars, etc).

As a Certified Yoga Therapist and a member of the International Association of Yoga Therapists, I have been trained to provided techniques and philosophy for the treatment of many conditions, but I have been drawn to specialize in the treatment of chronic pain (especially hip/back pain), digestive issues and grief/bereavement.

My intention with my offerings of Yoga is to be a source of support as you travel your journey – meeting and welcoming your individual self as well as finding that sense of wholeness that lies within you.



$90 - your first Yoga session/intake

$70 - each follow-up session

Sessions held either at my studio in Southeast Portland or at your home. 

Sliding scale options available, just ask.





I have been doing private sessions with Alison for a couple of years and have found her to be one of the most positive teachers I've ever had. I have multiple medical problems, including a degenerative muscle disease, an artificial hip, and previous rotator cuff repair.
As a physician, I have seen a great deal of benefit in her methods, which truly emphasize working with what one has, with no sense of a " one size fits all" approach. She tailors the yoga to my body and has enabled me to do my best.
If only she could cure aging, I would have no other requests! She is a treasure as a person and a teacher.


Yoga therapy sessions have afforded me the space and time to pay attention to what is going on for me, both in my body and my mind.  I came to these sessions to deal with grief and depression and am using the practice we have developed to really be with these emotions and understand how they fit into the larger picture of my life.I appreciate Alison's compassion and patience and the wisdom she brings to her yoga practice.

~Mary S.

The yoga technique Alison gave me to practice was extremely helpful on many levels, but I found it most effective in anxiety relief. Anytime I have started to feel worked up about my current health issues, anxious about being cooped-up during recovery, or panicked about feeling pain or nausea, I have almost always been able calm myself down (and sometimes rid myself of pain!) through practicing this exercise. Alison was extremely proficient in her directions of this exercise, and her helping me write it down in my own words allowed me to remember exactly how to execute this practice on my own.

~Brenna S.

Alison did a very thorough assessment of my specific health and emotional issues, and tailored a yoga practice just for me. I am new to yoga, and she took her time explaining the breathing/movements/concepts in a very patient and encouraging way. I have been doing the practice for a couple of weeks now, and am already seeing results in terms of reducing my overall stress level, and helping me to get more in touch with my body than ever before. Alison is a gifted teacher, and I am so pleased that my physician recommended her.


Alison Wesley brings an outstanding presence to yoga practice. She focuses on her students in a way that unites and inspires. It's almost as if she feels our aches and pains. Her attitude and interpersonal communication is outstanding and inclusive. We contacted her because we wanted to be sure we understood yoga positions we were learning and to avoid injury. She listened carefully, asked relevant questions about our bodies, past injuries and current needs, and suggested practice suited to our individual situations. Alison's exceptional knowledge of the body's muscles, ligaments, joints and bones along with a gentle caring voice, makes doing yoga an activity we enjoy.  

~Michael Roth and Kieu-Oanh Nguyen

A friend referred Alison to me for yoga therapy due to lower back pain. After we made contact, I couldn’t wait to have my first session. I wasn’t disappointed! The 2 hours felt like 15 minutes. Having no yoga experience, I didn’t know what to expect. Alison made me feel welcome and my nervousness was quickly gone. Alison really knows her stuff—from looking at me and having me move, she knew how my body was going to react to different things before I moved in that direction. She teaches that we all have different body types and doesn’t try to fit you in to one mold but sets up something that works for you as an individual. Before I left, she wrote down the stretches I had practiced so I could refer to them at home. While writing them down, she asked my opinion about how to help her describe the stretches to make it easier for me to remember them in my own words. As an instructor myself, I was impressed with that wonderful technique. I walked out of there already feeling better. In the weeks that have passed, the program Alison gave me has helped me sleep better, move better when I get up and I feel as if I’m on the road to recovery. Alison is a caring compassionate soul with a lot of knowledge and ability. Anyone wanting to learn and help themselves feel better would do well to come meet Alison.