Thru Movement - Video Project

This project was born out of the work I do with Rebound Physical Therapy, where I offer a yoga/movement class to folks with back pain. Included in our exercises are ways to improve things we do most often: sitting, standing, transitioning up and down, etc. People are allowed to take class for 6-12 weeks - most everyone feels much better and starts to want more. They ask me where they can go to continue their practice. I searched around and realized there aren't that many options for them, so I began making videos as a continuation for this wonderful, unique class. It has become another passion of mine and I enjoy making videos each week and hope they become an accessible, affordable practice for people who possibly feel left out of the yoga/fitness world...for people who want to learn more about themselves...or simply, for people who are interested in really feeling not just "pain-free" in their bodies but are interested in FEELING GREAT.  

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