The Franklin Method Is...

A perfect complement to any movement modality...Yoga, Pilates, Dance, walking, running, etc. It works with the way we mentally image/perceive movement to produce healthy, functional alignment in the body without confusing (and sometimes incorrect) cueing. This removes the concept that only the teacher knows how movements should be/feel, and instead puts the practice into the hands of the practitioner via exploration, anatomical understanding and the experience of enjoyable movement.

For example, if you were to stand and simply bend and straighten your knees there is a whole symphony of movements happening in the bones, muscles, connective tissue, organs! If we have adopted poor patterns of posturing or tension, we may just keep moving using those patterns...which is not only potentially injurious, it's not enjoyable to move with tension! BUT, if you can mentally image and learn to embody these functional movements beyond any patterning, next time you bend your knees (whether it's to practice malasana in Yoga or to bend down to pick something up), the movement will be efficient and enjoyable. 

There can be too much of trying to get it "right" in movement classes by aiming to please the teacher, trusting their opinions and trying your best to perform all the cues they list off, and making each pose into a construction project. With the Franklin Method, you experience the entire body as a unified whole, instead of pieces that you are stacking in place. You will learn to cultivate strength without tension, balance without rigidity and flexibility without stagnancy.